Mesh Object

class pylagrit.PSet(name, parent)

Pset class

dump(filerootname, zonetype='zone')

Dump zone file of pset nodes :arg filerootname: rootname of files to create, pset name will be added to name :type filerootname: string :arg zonetype: Type of zone file to dump, ‘zone’ or ‘zonn’ :tpye zonetype: string

eltset(membership='inclusive', name=None)

Create eltset from pset

  • membership (str) – type of element membership, one of [inclusive,exclusive,face]
  • name (str) – Name of element set to be used within LaGriT

PyLaGriT EltSet object


Add points surrounding pset to pset

Parameters:membership (str) – type of element membership, one of [inclusive,exclusive,face]
interpolate(method, attsink, cmosrc, attsrc, interp_function=None)

Interpolate values from attribute attsrc from mesh object cmosrc to current mesh object