Removes any points that are within the specified point range and specified volume of space. This is done in Cartesian (xyz), cylindrical (rtz), or spherical (rtp) coordinates. It should be noted that in cylindrical coordinates, theta is the angle in the XY- plane with respect to the x-axis, while in spherical coordinates theta is the angle with respect to the Z-axis and phi is the angle in the XY-plane with respect to the X-axis. In cylindrical coordinates the cylinder always lines up along the z axis; use the coordsys command before issuing the rm command if the points to be removed are not aligned with the z-axis; then issue a final coordsys command to return to normal. Also note that the points that are removed become dudded out (point type set to 21) and are not removed from the data array.

The other options are:

geometry – xyz, rtz, rtp

ifirst,ilast,istride – point range to search

xmin, ymin, zmin – minimums of geometry type coordinates

xmax, ymax, zmax – maximums of geometry type coordinates

xcen, ycen, zcen – center of removal space for geometry

xscale, yscale, zscale – scaling factors for geometry limits


rm / geometry /ifirst,ilast,istride/xmin,ymin,zmin/xmax,ymax,zmax/ xcen,ycen,zcen / [xscale,yscale,zscale]