This command is a macro command that calculates the radial distance from a specified point to a set of points. That set of points can be defined using the standard LaGriT syntax of psets and range. If the specification for a set of points is omitted, the whole grid is used. The command operates on the current mesh object. This operation will (often) result in two attributes being added to the current mesh object. The first, a real named rdist, contains the radial distance from the point of interest. The second, an integer named ictrpt, contains an index that specifies the center point that was used for this calculation.


calc_rdist/x0,y0,z0/ [radius_index] / [pset,get, pset_name, ifirst,ilast,istride]

ictrpt throughout the range affected by the command. If it is not specified, no changes are made to the attribute ictrpt. The non-value for this attribute is 0 (i.e., if there is no radius index, the value of ictrpt will be 0).

The last argument that calc_rdist takes specifies the range over which the command will be executed. If it is omitted, the whole grid is assumed.


This command is a macro command. It does not add any new functionality.



This command would calculate the distance from the origin to all points in the mesh, and place the values in rdist. It would not modify ictrpt in any way.


This command would calculate the distance from the point 1,0.25,1 to all the points within the pset big_sphere. It would place those distances into rdist within that pset, and would replace the value of ictrpt with 10 within that pset as well.