derive/ mo_name/master_mo/ mo_name is type character, required.

master_mo is type character, default is -cmo-

Uses Mesh Object, master_mo, as the template for deriving Mesh Object, mo_name. Mesh Object, mo_name, will be an image of master_mo but will contain no data. The output Mesh Object, mo_name, will become the Current Mesh Object. If mo_name is the same as master_mo nothing happens. If mo_name exists it is over written.

    EXAMPLES: mo/derive**/ mo_tet2/mo_tet1

mo/derive/-cmo-**/ mo_tet1

mo/derive**/ mo_tet2

mo/derive/ mo_tet2/-cmo-**


mo/derive/ mo_tet2/-default-**

mo/derive/-default-**/ mo_tet1