** modatt**/ mo_name/att_name/field_name/new_field/

Modifies the field field_name for attribute att_name in Mesh Object mo_name.

mo_name required.

att_name required.

field_name is type character, required

new_field is the type of the field, required

Field_names (may be lower or upper case):

name -  (character) Attribute name 

type - character) Attribute type

                    **INT**- Integer

                    **REAL** - Real number

                    **CHARACTER** - character variable of length 32

                    **VINT** - Vector of integer 

                    **VDOUBLE** - Vector of real *8 (this is the default)

                    **VCHAR** - Vector of character *32

rank -  (character) Attribute rank (must be an attribute for this Mesh object)  default is scalar

length -  (character) Attribute length (must be an attribute for this Mesh object) default is nnodes

interpolation - (character) Interpolation option: 

onstant** -  Constant value 

sequence - Set to the node number

opy** -  Copy values

linear -  Linear interpolation  - this is the default

 user -  User provides a subroutine named user_interpolate (see IV. e.8)

log -  Logarithmic interpolation

asinh -  Asinh interpolation

** min** - Set to the minimum

** max** - Set to the maximum

incmin - Set to the minimum plus one (vint attribute only)

incmax - Set to the maximum plus one (vint attribute only)

and - ‘and’ the bits

or - ‘or’ the bits

persistence - (character) Attribute persistence:

permanent - Can not be deleted 

emporary** - Temporary attribute - this is the default

ioflag - (character) Attribute IO flag:

                    default is **ag**

Put this attribute on avs dumps

Put this attribute on gmv dumps

f Put this attribute on fehm dumps 

l Put this attribute on LaGriT dumps

L Do not write this attribute to LaGriT dumps

 default (real) Attribute value ——————— ——————————————————————————————–



mo/modatt/ mo_tet2/boron/length**