CREATEPTS/AMR uses an octree type refinement applied to an existing hexahedral mesh to all nodes in a specified region.  No additional elements are kept,  the intention is that the resulting node distribution will be passed toconnect to generate a tetrahedra mesh.



*  region_name    name of region to refine.  If blank,  all regions will be refined.  An element will be refined if any node of the element is in the specified region.

*  number_of_levels    is the number of times the refinement will be performed.  After each level, the code will determine which of the new nodes are in the specified region and will refine the associated elements.  Default is 1.


reatepts/amr**    refine the entire mesh

reatepts/amr** /r1/3    refine elements with nodes in the region r1 three times

examples of use of reatepts/amr**:

*create the hex mesh