Builds a set nodes (logically rectangular) and create finite element hexahedral connectivity. This command is similar to the rz commandformat except here we have symmetry flags to input. A second format specifies that a mesh be created and connected. These commands require a hex or quad cmo to be defined. See also createpts command without the brick option which will create an unconnected point distribution.


cmo/create/ cmo_name / / / hex
createpts/brick / xyz or rtz or rtp / ni,nj,nk / xmin,ymin,zmin / xmax,ymax,zmax / iiz,ijz,ikz / [ iirat,ijrat,ikrat / xrz,yrz,zrz / isym,jsym,ksym ]

Create points and connect into a finite element hexahedral mesh object.

createpts/brick / xyz or rtz or rtp/ ni,nj,nk / 1,0,0 / connect /

Use this option (for example, with quadxyz ) to create finite element hexahedral connectivity on a logically rectangular set of nodes created by another method..

xyz specifies Cartesian coordinates.

rtz specifies cylindrical coordinates.

rtp specifies spherical coordinates.

ni,nj,nk are the number of points to be created in each direction.

xmin,ymin,zmin are the minimums for coordinates.

xmax,ymax,zmax are the maximums for coordinates.

iiz,ijz,ikz  if = 0 then mins and maxs are used as cell centers if =1 then mins and maxs are used as cell vertices. The default is 1,1,1

iirat,ijrat,ikrat are optional and set the ratio zoning switches (0=off,1=on)

xrz,yrz,zrz are optional and are the ratio zoning value - distance is multiplied by the value for each subsequent point.

isym,jsym,ksym symmetry flags - not documented

1,0,0 is the point set selection indicated by start,stride,stop or pset,get,pset_name where 1,0,0 are all points.


cmo/create/cmohex / / / hex
createpts/brick/xyz / 3,2,3 /0.,0.,0./1.,1.,1./1,1,1

Creates a set of hex points (3x2x3) and hex elements (2x1x2 hex) in the unit cube. The connect option should not be used in this case because the hex brick connectivity is created.

cmo/create/cmohex / / / hex
quadxyz /5,7,5/ 0.,0.,0./1.,0.,0./1.5,0.5,2.0/.5,.2,2.5/ &

These commands create a 3D set of nodes using quadxyz and then creates hex connectivity with the createpts/brick command. Be careful that the nx, ny, nz values for both the quadxyz and createpts/brick command are the same.  

cmo/create/cmoquad/ / / quad
quadxy/ 11, 11 / 0. 0. 0. / 1. 0. 0. / 1. 1. 0. / 0. 1. 0.
createpts/brick/xyz/11,11,1/1 0 0 / connect

The first line creates an empty quad cmo. The second line calls quadxy to create a 2D set of nodes. The last line uses createpts/brick to connect the points into quad elements.

define RTOP 20.
define NRADIAL 3
define NRAYS  20
define NRINGS 12
define WRADIUS 2.
define CIRDEG 360.
cmo/create/mo_cylinder / / / hex
createpts/brick/rtz/NRADIAL,NRAYS,NRINGS/0. 0. 0./ &
         WRADIUS CIRDEG RTOP /1,1,1

Use the define commands to set variables for making a cylinder mesh.
This hex mesh has height of 20. There are 3 points from center to rim, there are 20 points around and 12 points vertical. Width of radius from center is 2 and the cylinder is a full 360 degrees.