This results in a set of 60 points , five across from x=0. to x=1, 3 deep from x=0. to x=1. and 4 high from z=0. to z=1.  Mins and maxs are used as cell vertices.  Points are distributed using the xyz coordinate system using coordinates as end points.  Ratio zoning is in the x-direction.  Points are not distributed evenly in this direction.  They are distributed at a distance multiplied by 1.5 for each subsequent point.  Note that the rtz always results in a (partial) cylinder of points centered around the z axis. Use the rotateln command to orient the cylinder. For example, to center the cylinder around the y axis, specify the x axis as the line of rotation in the rotateln command.

Argument Description
xyz specifies cartesian coordinates
5,3,4 create 5 points in the x direction, create 3 points in the y direction, create 4 points in the z direction
0,0,0 xmin= 0, ymin= 0, zmin= 0
1,1,1 xmax= 1, ymax= 1, zmax= 1
1,1,1 xmin and xmax are cell vertices, ymin and ymax are cell vertices, zmin and zmax are cell vertices
1,0,0 x ratio zoning switch is on,  y ratio zoning switch is off,  z ratio zoning switch is off
1.5,1,1 x-distance is multiplied by 1.5 for each subsequent point

Input file:

region/r1/ le outer /
mregion/m1/ le outer /