Distribute points using the rtz cylindrical coordinate system.  This results in 264 points arranged around the z- axis. There are 3 rings of points at distances r=1., r=2. and r=3. from the z-axis. There are11 sets of these three rings of points and heights z=0., z=1., z=2.,…,z=10. In each ring there are 6 points where each pair of points is separated by 60°; note that ijz=0 requests that points be placed at cell centers, hence the first point will be at 30° not at 0°. Corresponding to r=0, there will be 6 identical points at 11 intervals along the z-axis at heights z=0., z=1., z=2.,…z=10. Filter should be used to remove these duplicate points. Note: Cylinders are open but finite. To create a closed cylinder cap both ends with planes.

Argument Description
rtz specifies cylindrical coordinates
4,6,11 create 4 points in the r direction, create 6 points in the t direction, create 11 points in the z direction
0,0,0 rmin = 0, tmin = 0, zmin = 0
3,,10 radius from 0 to 3, angle in the xy-plane is , height along the z-axis is 10
1,0,1 rmins and rmaxs are used as cell vertices, tmins and tmaxs are used as cell centers, zmins and zmaxs are used as cell vertices

Input deck:



region/r1/ le outer /

mregion/m1/ le outer /