Description: test createpts

The objective is to add points to a mesh using the createpts command.

The test consists of eight examples each exercising the command in a specific geometry (rectangular, cylindrical, spherical) with some variations on input parameters. A geometry is defined in one of the coordinate systems. The createpts command is used to create a point distribution within the geometry. The output consists of one gmv file for each example.

Inidvidual Descriptions


[Example 3]( **createpts/rtp** spherical "159" "156"]( [Example 4]( **createpts/brick/xyz** material interface "168" "158"]( [Example 2]( **createpts/rtz** (cylindrical) "" ""]( [Example 1]( **createpts/xyz** (rectangular) "112" "87"]( [Example 5](  **createpts/sphere/diamond** partial sphere using region boundaries"141" "166"]( [Example 6]( **createpts/sphere** full sphere using region boundaries "171" "161"]( [Example 7]( **createpts/brick/xyz** brick mesh "164" "167"]( [Example 8]( **createpts/sphere** gridding a sphere, including materials"156" "153"]( [Example 9](  **createpts/random/xyz** random points "" ""](