X3dsetup Requirements

To run lasetup, you will need:

You will also need a 24-bit TrueColor visual, preferably double buffered, available on your machine. You can find out what is available by running xdpyinfo. Also the X server must be running the GLX extension. Extensions are listed near the top of the output of xdpyinfo.

On some systems, you may need to modify your environmental variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that all of the libraries can be found at runtime.

To *compile

You may have to change the paths in the makefile, depending on where your libraries are located. Similarly, you may have to change the makefiles in each of the lasetup subdirectories. You will also need the include files:

(On Suns these may be in /usr/openwin/include/….).

* * *Or * * *

If you don’t have OpenGL and are the adventurous type, you can get and compile Brian Paul’s Mesa library, to which you can link rather than to OpenGL.

Since Mesa doesn’t support hardware even if it’s on your machine, the code will run slowly. But this does eliminate the OpenGL requirement. There is a macro MESALIBS in the makefile that you will have to modify, but it might help you get started. I have compiled lasetup with Mesa, so I know it can be done. :)