The boundary routine operates on the current mesh object. For the nodes lying on the specified surface(s), it sets the specified node based attribute to the specified value. Optionally boundary will call the user supplied subroutine set_user_bounds (see IV. e.8)




dirichlet is currently unused but must be specified  attr_name is the name of the attribute to be set  value  is a constant, and is the value to which the attribute is set identifier  is a character string that will be passed to subroutine set_user_bounds  ————— —————————————————————

surface_list is one of:

   **-all-** (all boundary nodes)

   surface\_name**/inclusive** (all bndry nodes on surface)

   surface\_name**/exclusive** (all bndry nodes ONLY on

   surface\_name/ (same as exclusive)


   (all bndry nodes on the union of the surfaces)

   surface\_name1/surface\_name2**/exclusive** (default)

   (all bndry nodes ONLY on the intersection of the

   surface\_name1/surface\_name2/ surface\_name3/.... (same
   as exclusive)


boundary /dirichlet/vd_v/7.0/-all-/

sets the attribute vd_v for all boundary nodes to be 7.0

boundary /dirichlet/vi_s/8.0/pbot/

boundary /dirichlet/vd_v/9.0/pbot/inclusive/

sets the attribute vd_v for the nodes that are on the surface pbot to be 9.0

boundary /dirichlet/vd_s/13.0/pfrt

sets the attribute vd_s for the nodes that are on the union of the surfaces pfrt and prgt to 13.0

boundary /dirichlet/vi_t/12.0/prgt/

boundary /dirichlet/bconds/top_plane/s1,s2,s3/

will pass the set of nodes on the intersection of surfaces s1,s2 and s3 along with the string top-plane to subroutine set_user_bounds.