This command creates eltsets or element sets with membership criteria:

1 . equal to, greater than or less than value of an element attribute

  1. inclusive pset membership - all elements any of whose nodes is in pset

  2. exclusive pset membership - all elements all of whose nodes are in pset

  3. union, intersection, not, delete other eltsets

  4. region or mregion membership

  5. quality criteria (volume or aspect ratio)

The mregion and region form of this command calculate the center of mass of the element and determine which mregion or region the center lies in. It is possible if the interface surfaces are curved that the center will not lie in the same mregion or region as the vertices. Using itetclr will give the better result.


eltset/eset_name/element_attribute_name/eq ne lt gt le ge/value/



eltset/eset_name/regionmregion/region_name** mregion_name **/

eltset/eset_name /volume/ eqneltgtlege /value

eltset/eset_name /

aspect/ eqneltgtlege /value


eltset/element_set1/itetclr /eq/4

eltset/element_set2/inclusive /pset /get/mypset


eltset/element_set4/volume /lt/3.0