Scale a point distribution specified by ** ** ifirst,ilast,istride according to the scale factors iscale,jscale, and kscale.  One can substitute the syntax pset get pset_name  for the ifirst, ilast, istride variable to access a pset.  The letters i,j, and k in the scale factors correspond to coordinates specified by one of the geometry types [xyz (Cartesian), rtz (cylindrical), rtp (spherical)].   For example,

if geometry = rtz then iscale = radial coordinate, jscale = theta coordiante, and kscale = z coordinate.

If geometry = rtp the iscale = radial coordiante, jscale = theta coordinate and kscale = phi coordinate.

If the scaling option is relative then the scaling factors are unitless multipliers with reference to some geometric center (xcen,ycen,zcen).   If the scaling option is absolute then the scaling factors are constants added on to the existing coordinates.  That is, absolute is really a translation rather than a rescale.

** FORMAT: **

scale/ifirst,ilast,istride/absolute relative/xyz/rtzrtp/iscale,jscale,kscale/xcen,ycen,zcen