Generates points on boundary surfaces previously defined by the surface or region command. The variable ** ** itype can be surface or region and iname is the name of the surface or region. The points are generated by shooting rays through a user specified set of points from an origin point, line or plane and finding the surface intersection of each ray. The point location for a region is determined by iregpt and can be on the inside, outside or both surfaces.




Where ifirst,ilast,istride or pset,get,setname define the set of points to shoot rays through. SPECIFICALLY FOR ALLOWABLE GEOMETRY TYPES:


Where points 1, 2, 3 define the plane to shoot rays from that are normal to the plane.

surfpts/itype/iname/iregpt/ifirst,ilast,istride/ rtz/x1,y1,z1/x2,y2,z2 /

Where points 1, 2, define the line to shoot rays from that are perpendicular to the line.

surfpts/itype/iname/iregpt/ifirst,ilast,istride/ rtp/xcen,ycen,zcen/

surfpts/itype/iname/iregpt/ifirst,ilast,istride/ points /iffirst,iflast,ifstride/

Where ifirst,ilast,istride define a set of points to shoot rays from.