setatt/mo_name/attribute_name/ifirst,ilast,istride/value mo_name is type character, required.

attribute_name is type character.  If blank, the active mesh object will be used.

ifirst,ilast,istride for attributes with length = ‘nnodes’, pset can be supplied

for attributes with length = ‘nelements’, eltset can be supplied

for other attributes ifirst,ilast,istride must be numbers; if blank then all members of the attribute will be modified. value is type integer or real depending on the type of the attribute. Sets the value of the specified attribute in the given range to the supplied value. Note:  This command requires that the mesh contains one or more nodes. EXAMPLES: cmo/setatt/cmo/itp1/1,0,0/0

cmo/setatt/ 3dmesh/itetclr /eltset,get,blue/3

Will set all elements in the element set ‘blue’ to have the value of itetclr to 3.


Will reset the ndimensions geometry attribute of the active mesh object to 2.