status/[mo_name]/[brief] mo_name is type character, default is ‘-all-‘

Prints the status of Mesh Objects.  This includes a header with information about the type of mesh object and the size of the mesh object.  After the header information, a table lists all variables associated with a mesh object and includes the variable’s type, rank, length, interpolation mode, persistence, ioflag and default value.  If brief is specified only the header information is printed.   EXAMPLES: cmo/status/mo_tet2





cmo/status/-default- An example of header information follows:

1 Mesh Object name: cmo1

number of nodes= 143988  number of elements = 314159

dimensions geometry = 3  element type = tet

dimensions topology = 3  4 nodes   4 faces   6 edges

boundary flag = 16000000  status = inactive