This command produces an output file from a Mesh Object. If the option is lagrit, a restart dump is made; a subsequent read/lagrit command will restart the code at the state at which the dump command was issued.  The default file type is binary.  To create an ASCII formatted gmv dump precede the dump command with this command:

cmo /setatt /dumptype=ascii/ or include ‘ascii’ in the command.

 NOTE:  For LaGriT versions dated after October 1999, use cmo /setatt//ipolydat /no to prevent polygon data to be written to GMV files.



valid file_types are: coord, zone, gmv, avs, chad, fehm, datex ,std, geom and lagrit

dump / coord /file_name/[cmo_name]

Will output a file with node list x,y,z values and element connectivity list in FEHM format.

dump / zone /file_name/[cmo_name]/[delattkeepatt]

Will output a set of 4 files.

file_name_material.zone is node list for each material (imt) value.

file_name_outside.zone is a node list for each of 6 (top , bottom, left, right, front, back) possible external boundaries for rectangular geometries.  If keepatt is specified, then 6 node based attributes are added to the mesh object.  If delatt is specified mesh object is not modified.  The attribute names are top, bottom, left_w, right_e, back_n, front_s.

Note that a node can belong to more than 1 list. For example in an orthogonal cube aligned with the coordinate axes, a corner node can belong to 3 lists (e.g. front_s, top and left_w lists).

file_name_outside.area is a list of the outside area associated with each node in the file_name_outside.zone list.  Areas are vector areas such that the magnitude of the vector is the scalar area associated with the node and the direction of the vector is the area weighted normal vector of the node.

file_name_multi_mat.zone is a list of list of nodes for each material that are connected by an edge to a node of a different material. Each list consists of a header followed by list entries. The header consists of the material number followed by “multi-material connections” on the same line, followed by “nnum” on the next line, followed by the number of entries in the list. (The notation nnum is a holdback from the earlier version of this command, and really should be nedges.)  The list entries consist of two nodes. The first node is the one inside the material in question, the second is the node in the other material. The lists are sorted by the first node, but are not sorted by the second. Each list entry is on its own separate line, and the nodes in each entry are separated by a comma.

file_name_outside.area is a list of 2D areas associated with each node.

dump / zone_imt /file_name/[cmo_name]

Will output only one file:

file_name_material.zone is node list for each material (imt) value.

dump / zone_outside / file_name/[cmo_name] / [delatt keepatt]

Will output only two files:

file_name_outside.zone is a node list for each of 6 possible external boundaries.

file_name_outside.area is a list of 2D areas associated with each node.

dump / avs /file_name/[cmo_name] / iopt_points / iopt_elements / iopt_node_attributes/iopt_element_attributes

Output in AVS UCD (Unstructured Cell Data) format. One can turn on or off the output of node coordinates (iopt_points), element connectivity (iopt_elements), node attributes (iopt_node_attributes) and element attributes (iopt_element_attributes). 1 (default) is on, 0 is off.

For file format specification see <http://help.avs.com/Express/doc/help/reference/dvmac/UCD_Form.htm

dump / avs2 **/ file_name/[cmo_name]/[iopt_points]/iopt_elements]/[iopt_node_attributes]/[iopt_element_attributes]


This option will output integers as integers, the other avs option converts integers to reals on output. The /avs/ option above outputs all attributes as real numbers. This option is slower but the files are smaller if there are integers in the node or element attributes.

dump / stl /file_name/[cmo_name]

Output in STL, stereo lithography format. This is only valid for triangular sheets.


will write an ascii file containing the geometry information for the current run. This information includes the region and mregion definitions and surface, names, types and definitions.

dump/lagrit/file_name/[cmo_name]/ [ascii binary]

will write an restart file that contains geometry and mesh object information.  cmo_name can be ‘-all-’ in which case all mesh objects are written to the file or it can specify a list of mesh objects to be written.  The default is ascii.


This command writes the existing colormap to the specified file.  (See colormap command)


Write adjacency information to an ascii file. Write list of all elements adjacent to each node.

File format:

node_number number_of_adjacent_elem e1 e2 … en  


Write adjacency information to an ascii file. Write list of all elements adjacent to each element.

File format:

elem_number number_of_adjacent_elem e1 e2 … en  

dump/gmv/file-name/[mesh-object]/[ascii binary]

Write a file to be read by the graphics program GMV.  The defaults are binary and current mesh object. [dump/fehm/file_name/cmo_name[scalarvectorbotharea_scalararea_vectorarea_both]/[delatt,keepatt]

Write out a series of files for the FEHM flow and transport code. The file_name is the file root name for:

file_name.fehm ( see dump/cord/… command)

file_name_material.zone ( see dump/zone_imt/… command)

file_name_outside.zone (see dump/zone_outside/… command)

file_name_outside.area (see dump/zone_outside/… command)

file_name_interface.zone ( output of FEHM zone format files of nodes along an interface )

file_name-multi_mat.zone ( output of FEHM zone format files of multi-material connections )

file_name.stor ( output of FEHM format file with geometric coefficient matrix, these are the Voronoi (control volume) area and volume associated with each node and the sparce matrix structure.






dump/avs/file_name.inp/cmo_name/1 0 0 0 (output only node coordinates)

dump/avs/file_name.inp/cmo_name/1 1 0 0 (output node coordinates and element connectivity)

dump/avs/file_name.inp/cmo_name/1 1 1 0 (output node coordinates, element connectivity and node attributes)

dump/avs/file_name.inp/cmo_name/0 0 0 1 (output element attributes)

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