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LaGriT is an unstructured grid generation and optimization software package used in application areas requiring moving unstructured grids and/or complex geometries.  Applications include fluid flow through porous media, microstructure evolution, diffusion and EM.

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“21” “21”What is LaGriT?

“21” “21”Features

“21” “21”User’s Guide and Release Notes



[Release Notes October 1999 (PDF)](release_notes7.doc.pdf” download> </a>

Release Notes October 1999 (postscript)

Release Notes May 1999 (PDF)

Release Notes May 1999  (postscript)

Release Notes Spring 2000 (PDF)

Release Notes Spring 2001(PDF)

Release Notes Spring 2002(PDF)

Release Notes Winter 2002(PDF)

[Release Notes Fall 2003(PDF)](release_notes12.pdf” download> </a>

“21” “21”LaGriT Development Team

“21” “21”Publications

“21” “21”[LaGriT Fact Sheet](lagrit.pdf” download> </a>

“21” “21”LaGriT Graphics Examples

Grid examples

Download sample decks  (click on right mouse button to download

“21” “21”Application Areas that use LaGriT

ER, NTS, YMP(Yucca Mountain)

Grain Growth in Materials Microstructure Evolution

“21” “21”GMV General Mesh Viewer (A 3-D visualization tool designed to view simulation data from any type of structured or unstructured mesh).


“21” “21”MSTKLA - Mesh ToolKit interface to LaGriT

“21” “21”LASETUP (A GUI for generating geometries, i.e. surface, region and mregion commands)

“21” “21”Team Only

“21” “21”LaGriT Licensing, Distribution, and Installation (available in USA only to SRC member companies, member universities and  internal Laboratory employees who are working on projects that will utilize LaGriT.)

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