LaGriT Release Notes

This page describes version updates for V3.2 and newer. See other pages for older versions.

LaGriT V3.3 October 2017

LaGriT V3.203 July 2017

These issues were fixed:

Added to Test Suite:

PyLaGriT new features:

Known Issues:

LaGriT V3.200 September 2016

LaGriT V3 LACC-15-069 is now distributed as open-source software under a BSD 3-Clause License.

This version moves the entire LaGriT repo from a local mercurial version control to public github and now includes the python driven version PyLaGriT. For most current versions of source and documentation use the open-source repository at

Compiled executable versions of LaGriT will continue to available through

See code and issues at