PyLaGriT, Python interface for LaGriT

PyLaGriT Class

  • The PyLaGriT class provides a python interface to the Los Alamos Grid Toolbox.
  • The PyLaGrit class is derived class of the perplex packages spawn class, and its objects contains all of spawn’s functionality.
  • Commands can be sent using LaGriT syntax as string arguments to the sendline method.
  • Direct access to the LaGriT shell is provided by the interact method.
  • Subclasses of the PyLaGrit class include mesh object (MO), surface, and region and can be created using various methods to PyLaGriT objects.
  • The mesh object subclass contains subclasses pset and eltset.
  • Subclasses are contained in dictionaries in the parent class.
  • The mesh object class contains gmv and paraview methods that dump the appropriate files and open them in viewer.
  • PyLaGriT can be accessed in Julia using the Julia PyCall package (refer to PyLaGriT/examples/julia folder in the source code)

PyLaGriT source code is packaged with LaGriT source code here.

Example scripts can be found here.

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