This command is similar to the regular dump command except that the mesh object is recolored before being dumped.  There are two options specific to this version.  If restore is specified  (the default), the original itetclr and imt1 values are restored, leaving the mesh object unaltered.  If norestore is specified the mesh object is left recolored (and the original values of itetclr and imt1 lost).  If create is specified (the default) then a new colormap is created and used to recolor.  Otherwise if existing is specified, the existing colormap is used to recolor the mesh object.  Three dump types are available:  “gmv”, “LaGriT” and “avs”. iomode can be ascii or binary; binary is the default.


dump_recolor/type/file/mo/[restore or norestore/create or existing /imode



Writes an ascii gmv dump to the fine mesh.gmv.  The mesh object that is dumped is the current mesh object recolored according to its own material adjacency.


Recolors the current mesh object using the existing colormap and then writes a binary gmv dump to the fine mesh.gmv.