edit / iopt / ifirst,ilast,istride / material_# or name/

edit/ angular /ifirst,ilast,istride /material_# or name/xcen 

edit/radial  /ifirst,ilast,istride /material_#  or  name/xcen
edit/ points  /ifirst,ilast,istride /material_#  or  name/array1,array3,array4/

Prints an edit of various quantities based on the value of the option argument, the point limits, and/or a material specification. iopt specifies what to print as follows:

no value for iopt –edit of sums, averages, and extrema of position coordinates (x,y,z), and of mesh object attribute fields

cwo gives same information as the default, but only for the two points specified.

parts gives a list of materials types, their names, count and sequence.

points lists up to 4 cell-center array values for a set of points. Possible array values are: xic,yic,zic,or mesh object attribute name



edit/ parts/
edit/point /pset,get,mypoints/