Creates a new Mesh Object from the intersection of two existing Mesh Objects. The existing Mesh Objects have to be topologically 2D and geometrically 3D. The created Mesh Object will be topologically 1D and geometrically 3D.



cmo_out is the new mesh object.

Node quantities for the new Mesh Object will be created by interpolation on the corresponding node quantities of the first input Mesh Object cmo_1_in from the second mesh object cmo_2_in.

This command will also apply the line_graph option of the sort command on the new Mesh Object. This will sort the elements (which will be line segments) into a reasonable order based on their connectivity, and will also create element attributes **ctype, cid, loop_id.

intersect will create a temporary sort key and use that to reorder the elements, so there is no need to use your own sort key. For more details on the sorting and on the created element attributes, please see sort.