This command will reorder a mesh object according to a designated permutation vector. This can be used after the SORT command to reorder a mesh based on a sort key.

The command will decide to reorder nodes or elements based on the length of the permutaion vector. When elements are reordered all element attributes are also reordered. Mesh object arrays itet and jtet are updated. When nodes are reordered, all node based attributes are also reordered. Permanent mesh object attribute arrays such as isn are also updated.


reorder / -def-  /sort_key/

sort_key is the permutation vector - i.e. an integer node/element based mesh object attribute.

The permutation attribute can be any integer vector nnodes or nelements long with min value = 1, max value = nnodes/nelements and no repeated entries.


createpts / median
sort/ mo_pri /index/ascending/ ikey /itetclr xmed ymed zmed
reorder / mo_pri / ikey

sort and reorder the mesh mo_pri based on itetclr values and cell center location xmed, ymed, zmed. This will arrange into columns (after itetclr sort).