Tag or remove nodes and elements from a mesh.  

Dudded nodes, or nodes marked for removal have their  itp array mareked with ifitpdud (21). Dudded elements have a negative value for the first entry in the itet vertex list. 

The tagged mesh object nodes and elements are treated as invisible until they are removed from the mesh object. 


rmpoint/ifirst,ilast,istride/[exclusive or inclusive ]



rmpoint/element [tet_list or eltset,get,esetname]



/ifirst,ilast,istride / [exclusive or inclusive ] does not remove but marks the selected nodes and elements for removal. If exclusive (default), an element is marked only if all of its nodes are in the selection. If inclusive, any element with a node from the selected set will be marked.  

compress remove and update all tagged nodes and elements. This will update arrays and material-wise resequences all remaining nodes. This will change the node ordering and numbers of the mesh.

zero_volume will remove elements whose volumes are less than or equal to the specified threshold

element will remove all marked (negative itet) elements from the mesh. Elements can be specified by a tet_list or eltset,get,esetname.

womesh will delete stray nodes that are not connected to any element and that are not parent nodes.

sparse is to be used with caution and requires reconnection when done.


rmpoint/ pset,get,pset1

Mark all the nodes in pset1 for removal.  Remove elements all of whose vertices are members of pset1. Remove all marked nodes and update the mesh object arrays.


Remove all elements with volumes less than 1.e-16

rmpoint/element/27 259 1009

Remove the three specified elements


Remove the elements in the element set named e_mat1