Translate a mesh object from old to new coordinates.



trans/ifirst,ilast,istride/enter zero original/[xyz rtp rtz]/ [xdim,ydim,zdim]

ifirst,ilast,istride is the range of points to translate. They can be defined as pset,get, pset_name or node numbers where 1,0,0 means all.

First form of this command:

translates a set of points from point xold,yold,zold to new coordinate xnew,ynew,znew with a linear translation. This will then cause the remaining points in the set to be moved by the same translation.

Second form of this command:

zero point set is translated so that (0,0,0) is located at the midpoint of min x,y,z and max x,y,z of the mesh.

center point set is translated so that (0,0,0) is located at the min x,y,z of the mesh.

original point set is translated to the original location before enter or zero was called.

xyz is the default (rtp and rtz are reserved for future implementation).

xdim,ydim,zdim indicate the axes along which to translate. For example, 1,1,0 or x,y will translate along the x and y axes, the z values will not change.


trans/pset,get,mypoints/ 0.,0.,0./2.0,2.0,0./

The points in the set mypoints will be moved 2 in the positive x direction and 2 in the positive y direction.


trans/1,0,0/ zero


trans/1,0,0/ original

Moving points close to zero coordinates will improve accuracy where coordinate numbers are large. Here we move the points to zero, connect, and them move back to original coordinates.

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