Example 2: addmesh / amr

The objective is to join two meshes to create a third using the addmesh / amr command.

Two cubes, one smaller than the other, each having a different grid resolution are combined. The amr option finds the intersection and refines one mesh to interface with the boundary of the other mesh using adaptive mesh refinement.




Output Images

+———————–+———————–+———————–+ [mesh [mesh [](image/addmesh_amr/ 1](image/addmesh_amr/ 2](image/addmesh_amr/ addmesh_amr3.gif”[com addmesh_amr1.gif”[![] addmesh_amr2.gif”[![] bined
(image/addmesh_amr/ad (image/addmesh_amr/ad (view
dmesh_amr1_tn.gif”{wi dmesh_amr2_tn.gif”{wi 1)](image/addmesh_amr dth=”” dth=”” /addmesh_amr3.gif”![] “”](image/a “”](image/a (image/addmesh_amr/ad ddmesh_amr/addmesh_am ddmesh_amr/addmesh_am dmesh_amr3_tn.gif”{wi r1.gif” r2.gif” dth=””
+———————–+———————–+———————–+ [](image/addmesh_amr/ [](image/addmesh_amr/
addmesh_amr4.gif”[com addmesh_amr5.gif”com
bined bined
(view (view
/addmesh_amr4.gif”[![ /addmesh_amr5.gif”[![
](image/addmesh_amr/a ](image/addmesh_amr/a
ddmesh_amr4_tn.gif”{w ddmesh_amr5_tn.gif”{w
idth=”” idth=””
“”](image/a “”](image/a
ddmesh_amr/addmesh_am ddmesh_amr/addmesh_am
r4.gif” r5.gif”