Errors in Parsing or Executing Commands:

These errors cause an error message to be written to the output batch file, called logx3dgen by default and to the standard output file.  The messages are self-explanatory and will alert the user to the required change. For example one of the errors related to the region command is “token is an invalid operation or a non-defined surface or region.” In this case the user must inspect the corresponding command in the vicinity of token which is the place in parsing the string that LaGriT could not proceed, to see if there might be a spelling error in specifying a operator, region name or surface name or perhaps the user left out an operator. If the correct commands should read:

region/r1/le s1 and ge s2
region/r2/ le s2

If the user had mistakenly typed:

region/r1/le s1 and gg s2

the error

REGION ERROR: gg is an invalid operation or a non-defined  surface or region" 

would appear followed by

error in command: region/r1/le s1 and gg s2

Out of Memory Errors:

If a user specifies a probelem that is too large, LaGriT will fail with and “MALLOCF: Out of memory” or “REALLOCF: Reallocation error - aborting” mesage. The user must decrease the size of the problem or move to a more powerful platform.

Fatal Memory Management Errors:

Fatal memory management errors are signaled by a message containing “:PANIC!.” This type of error should be reported to the code manager, and the report should include all files and other information necessary to reproduce the error.