A geometry consists of a set of surfaces and regions that are defined in terms of existing surfaces.  A name is associated with the geometry data and the default name is  -defaultgeom-.  A geometry may be named using the geometry/create command which must precede the surface, region, and mregion commands that define this geometry.  A geometry may be associated with more than one mesh object.  cmo/geometry and cmo/constraint command are used to associate geometries with mesh objects.

The data for a geometry are contained in a set of memory managed arrays whose partition name is the geometry name and in common blocks geom and cgeom defined in the geom_lg.h file.  This file also contains the pointer statements that can be used to access the data arrays directly.

At present access routines to the geometry information have not been written except for getregv which accepts as input the coordinates of a set of query points and which returns a list of region numbers into which each query point falls.