Point Selection


This routine converts point type names to point types.

See III.afor a list of point types, names and meanings

point_type_name            name of point type (character *32)

point_type                       value of point type (integer)


This routine returns in the array iparents the parent point corresponding to each child point i, if point i is a child point. Ordinary points are their own parents.  The first three arguments are usually mesh object attributes described in Section III.a

npoints                        input number of nodes (integer)

itp1                             input array of point types (integer array)

isn1                             input array of parent child links (integer array)

iparents                       input/output array of parent node number for each point (integer array)


This routine sets, or’s in, or and’s in (depending on iopt2) a 1 in the array pointed to by ipitp2 for each point that fits the criterion specified by ioptitp. ioptitp uses the point types as defined in Section III.a   and ipitp1is the pointer to the integer array of point types.

A zero is set, or’d or and’d otherwise.

ioptitp criterion

  allreal              (0<itp1(i)<19)

  interior            (itp1(i)=0)

  inteintf                (itp1(i)=2,3,4)

  matlintr            (itp1(i)=2,4,8,9,12,13,15,19)

  boundary          (8<itp1(i)<19)

  reflect              (itp1(i)=9,10, 12, 14, 15,16,18,19)

  free                 (itp1(i)=8,9,11, 13, 14, 15,17,18)

  intrface            (itp1(i)=2,3,4,8,9,12, 13,15,16,17,18,19)

  virtual                (itp(i)=3,4,8,9,16,17,18,19)

  removed           (20<itp1(i)<29)

  merged            (itp1(i)=20)

  dudded            (itp1(i)=21)

opt2     operation

          set                     set itp2 to 1 or 0

          or                      or in a 1 or 0 in itp2

          and                   and in a 1 or 0 in itp2

                    inum                         input number of nodes in the array pointed to by ipitp1

                    ipitp1                        input pointer to integer array of point types (length inum)

                    ipitp2                        input pointer to output integer array of 1’s or 0’s (length inum)

                                                      on output array pointed to will have been filled.