Read a LaGriT restart file, the mesh object name and definitions are included in this file.


read/ filename.lg or filename.lagrit [cmo_name (ignored)] [ascii or binary]

read / lagrit/ filename.lg or filename.lagrit / [cmo_name (ignored)] / [ascii or binary]

filename.lg or filename.lagrit - these extensions are recognized and indicate a LaGriT restart file.

cmo_name  - This argument is ignored as all mesh objects in the restart file are named and defined.

ascii or  binary  - The default is ascii, but the code will determine file type if this option is missing.


read / lagrit / file1.lg

file1.lg will be read as an ascii restart file.  If the read fails to find the ascii check string, the file will be closed and reopened for a binary read.

read / lagrit / hex1_mohex.bin.lg / binary

hex1_mohex.bin.lg will be read as a binary restart file. This example has the mesh object named mohex defined.