lasetup is a user interface for reading or creating, and writing, the geometry portions of LaGriT input files. The advantage that LaGriTsetup gives you is that you can see what you are creating, thus avoiding mistakes, and it can save you from a certain amount of tedious typing. lasetup deals with the LaGriT surface, region, and mregion commands only.

lasetup uses the OpenGL and Motif graphics libraries. You will not be able to use lasetup unless these libraries are installed on your workstation.

You will also need a 24-bit TrueColor visual, preferably double buffered, available on your machine. You can find out what is available by running xdpyinfo. Also the X server must be running the GLX extension. Extensions are listed near the top of the output of xdpyinfo. lasetup Requirements lasetup User’s Manual(ps) lasetup User’s Manual(pdf) Download lasetupsgi Download lasetupsolaris Download lasetuplinux

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