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void GMTKLA_Init(void);

Initialize the geometric model interface (does nothing for now but

include it for completeness sake).



 int GM_NumRegions(void);

Number of model regions. Note this has nothing to do with number of

material attributes. That is the analysis preprocessing concern not

the mesh generator’s or the geometric modeler’s. The number of model

regions refers to the number of distinct volumes in the geometric


int GM_NumFaces(void);

Number of model faces. For now, this just returns the number of

surfaces in the geometric model although they are strictly not the


PGeomRegn GM_Region(int i);

Return the i’th geometric model region

PGeomFace GM_Face(int i);

Return the i’th geometric model face

void GM_Regions(int nr, *PGeomRegn * *gregs);

Get all the model regions

void GM_Faces(int nf, *PGeomFace * *gfaces);

Get all the model faces “30” “30”](mstkla.md#GMTKLA_Init) “30” “30”](GenRegion.md) “30” “30”](GeomEntity.md)