Version 2.2 Release November 2010

This is the last release before work to support 64 bit.

*               *    Program:  LaGriT V2.200   Linux m32      *                 
*               *    date_compile: 2010/11/22                 *      


These issues were fixed:

Version 2.106 6/29/2010

This version contains the work done over the summer by Aaron Gable. Better handling of errors and segmentation faults were added to various pieces of the code having to do with actions involving more than one mesh object and their user defined attributes.


These issues were fixed:

Version 2.1 Release August 2009

This is a major update to LaGriT and the lg_util library. Major changes have been made in the core memory management routines to allow development for a 64 bit release. These changes will be invisible to most users but allows better reporting of errors and memory usage for useful diagnostic information.

*               *    Program:  LaGriT V2.100   Linux m32      *                 
*               *    date_compile: 2009/08/03                 *                   


###These issues were fixed:

Version 2.004 10/21/2008


These issues were fixed:

Version 2.003 05/20/08

Compile and test V2.003 for platforms SGI-32, SUN, MAC, LINUX

These issues were fixed:

Version 2.002 Release April 2008

Improved to compare numbers as numerical values instead of text string. The new results are saved in result_files

Generalized version Makefile and dependencies

Initialize nremtet and npoints2 to 0, initialize number_elements and number_nodes to zero

Modify output for Dudded points to indicate when there are no elements (for removal)

Changed name from ‘program adrivgen’ to ‘program lagrit_main’

Modified header correcting spelling, changed X3D to LaGriT.


These issues were fixed:

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