LaGriT Release Notes

##LaGriT V3.001 August 2011

Major changes incoporating work from Andrew Kuprat (64bit work) and summer student Adam Cozzette to add more capability. Changes to make 64bit code more consistent and easier to modify for various platforms. The code for stack routines are combined into stack_options.f from temptam.f and read_trilayers.f. The beads algorithm and routines are now all in their own file beads_ona_ring.f

LaGriT assumes that the size of an integer is the same size as a pointer. Use the preprocessor and configure settings to select the integer type so that it matches the size of a pointer.

 #define int_ptrsize int
 #define int_ptrsize long
 Makefile changes for 64 bit compile:
 Enables the Cray pointer extension, which provides a C-like pointer

   -falign-commons (will try to reorder commons so this is not needed)

By default, gfortran enforces proper alignment of all variables in a COMMON block by padding them as needed. On certain platforms this is mandatory, on others it increases performance. If a COMMON block is not declared with consistent data types everywhere, this padding can cause trouble, and -fno-align-commons can be used to disable automatic alignment. The same form of this option should be used for all files that share a COMMON block. To avoid potential alignment issues in COMMON blocks, it is recommended to order objects from largests to smallest.

This includes Work from Andrew Kuprat and summer student Adam Cozzette.


###These issues were fixed:

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