Summer School Leads

Julien Loiseau

CCS-7 Applied Computer Science.
Julien is a Computer Scientist with a background in High Performance Computing and simulation. He has experience in hybrid architectures and accelerated systems. His postdoctorate work focuses on FleCSPH, a tool for Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics simulations based on the FleCSI framework from LANL. The intent is to provide an efficient and distributed tree data structure to FleCSI that allows the work to be offloaded to accelerators. The final goal of FleCSPH is to simulate large Astrophysics events.
Julien is an alumnus of the 2016 summer school class.

Hyun Lim

CCS-2 Computational Physics and Methods.
Hyun Lim is a staff scientist in CCS-2 with a background gravitational physics, astrophysics, and applied mathematics. He has experiences developing various multi-physics codes both Eulerian and Lagrangian frames to solve problems in astrophysics and magnetohydrodynamics. He also works on scalable numerical methods including adaptive mesh refinement and linear solvers.
Hyun Lim is an alumnus of the 2016 summer school class.

2023 Summer School Mentors

Karen Tsai

CCS-7 Applied Computer Science.
Karen is a computational scientist who is interested in understanding, designing and developing application code with the scientists. She is also a computer scientist who is interested in learning and utilizing modern computing tools to optimize algorithms or visualize complex datasets. She got her M.S. in Computational Science, Engineering and Mathematics and B.S in Computer Science at the University of Texas – Austin.

Andrew Reisner

CCS-7 Applied Computer Science Andrew is a computer scientist with a background in high performance computing and numerical analysis. He has experience in improving the performance and scalability of structured multilevel solvers. His interests include parallel numerical algorithms on emerging architectures and scalable linear solvers. Andrew is an alumnus of the 2014 summer school class.

Sumathi Lakshmiranganatha

CCS-7 Applied Computer Science Sumathi is a computational scientist with a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She has experience in porting and optimization of scientific applications like weather and power grid models on heterogeneous computing architectures. Her research interests include parallel-in-time algorithms on emerging hardware architectures and explainable machine learning models for scientific applications.

Chris Mauney

HPC-ENV: HPC Environments

Philipp Edelmann

CCS-7 Applied Computer Science Philipp is a staff scientist in CCS-7 with a background in stellar astrophysics, numerical methods for hydrodynamics, and high-performance computing. He has experience with implicit solvers for low Mach number hydrodynamics, nuclear reaction networks, and spectral methods. Currently he is working on developing portable and scalable multiphysics applications as part of the Ristra project.

Nirmal Prajapati

CCS-7 Applied Computer Science

Jamal Mohd-Yusof

CCS-7 Applied Computer Science


Allen McPherson
R.I.P. (Retired in Paradise)
Al McPherson is a computer scientist and the former lead of the CCS-7 Co-Design team.

Previous Leads

  • Christoph Junghans
  • Robert Pavel
  • Vinay Ramakrishnaiah

Previous mentors

  • Andrew Gaspar
  • Ben Bergen
  • Chris Malone
  • David Gunter
  • Irina Demeshko
  • Irina Sagert
  • Jonah Miller
  • Joshua C Dolence
  • Li-Ta (Ollie) Lo
  • Marc Charest
  • Patricia (Pat) Grubel
  • Patrick McCormick
  • Reid Priedhorsky
  • Sam Jones
  • Wesley Paul Even