Past Schools and Participants

Class of 2019: Code Portability and Core Collapse Supernovae

Class of 2018: Tabulated Equation of State

Class of 2017: Accelerated Molecular Dynamics

Class of 2016: Astrophysics - Neutron Star Mergers

Class of 2015: Quantum Molecular Dynamics

Class of 2014: Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) for hydrodynamics simulations

Class of 2013: Materials in Extreme Environments

Class of 2012: Scale Bridging Approach to a Steady-state Neutron Transport

Class of 2011: Quasi Diffusion Accelerated Monte Carlo


Allen McPherson

R.I.P. (Retired in Paradise)

Al McPherson is a computer scientist and the former lead of the CCS-7 Co-Design team.

Previous Leads

Christoph Junghans

Moved on to Management

Christoph is a computational physicist and the current group leader of CCS-7.