This command reads data or a mesh into the active Mesh Object. AVS, LaGriT, and GMV formats are supported.  The other formats may be used, but no guarantees are made about their capabilities.

read/ avs read AVS UCD format files

read/ lagrit read lagrit restart file with mesh object defined

read/ gmv read General Mesh Viewer GMV format files

read/ gmvfreeformat ascii gmv files to be read with read(*)

read/ sheetij read elevations into quad surface

cmo / readatt/… read tabular data spreadsheet style into node attributes

read/ zone or zonn or zone_element read node numbers from zone or zonn file

read/ gocad read GOCAD file, single instance of mesh only

read/ iges_grid IGES file with surfaces, curves, points in NURBS format

read/ ngp

read/ vrml

read/ datex


read / avs / myfile / mesh_object_name

read / myfile.inp / mesh_object_name
read / mesh.gmv / mesh_object_name

Short form syntax does not require file type as the second token. This is supported for the suffixes avs inp gmv lg lagrit

See links to various formats for more detailed explanations and examples.