Generates points in a region previously defined by the region command. The points are generated by shooting rays through a user specified set of points from an origin point, line, or plane and finding the intersection of each ray with the surfaces that define the region. The point distribution is determined by the data in ptdist. If ptdist is integer, then that many points are evenly distributed along the ray in the region. If ptdist is real, then points are distributed at that distance along the ray, up to a maximum of maxpenetr points along the ray (in addition to any interface points that may be created). note: If the ray encounters a region more than once, multiple sets of points are layed down. Points are distributed on the regionís material interfaces and external boundaries if the region definition includes the interfaces or boundaries – usually ge or le means that the region includes the interface or boundary.

Only surface intersection points are created if ptdist is inside, in, out, outside, orboth. In this case, surface points are created regardless of region ownership of the interface or boundary surface – if a ray encounters a region more than once, the appropriate surface intersection point(s) is generated for each encounter.

If another region intrudes upon the regnpts region so that the regpts region is divided into more than one piece, points that fall inside the intruding region are not distributed.

The variables irratio and rrz determine ratio zoning when ptdist is an integer. Ratio zoning is on when irratio is 1; the point distribution is adjusted so that the ratio between successive pairs of points is rrz. When irratio is 3, ratio zoning is calculated on the longest ray; then this length distribution is applied to all rays.

See the description of the command surface for a discussion of point distributions with respect to sheet surfaces.


regnpts/region name/ptdist/ifirst,ilast,istride/geom/

ray origin/irratio,rrz,maxpenetr

regnpts/region name/ptdist/pset,get,setname/geom/ray origin /irratio,rrz/maxpenetr

Where ifirst,ilast,istride or pset,get,setname define the set of points to shoot rays through.


regnpts/region name/ptdist/ifirst,ilast,istride/xyz


Where points 1, 2, 3 define the plane to shoot rays from that are normal to the plane.

regnpts/region name/ptdist/ifirst,ilast,istride/ rtz/x1,y1,z1/x2,y2,z2/irratio,rrz/

Where points 1, 2, define the line from which to shoot perpendicular rays

regnpts/region name/ptdist/ifirst,ilast,istride/


Where xcen,ycen,zcen define a point from which to shoot rays .

regnpts/region name/ptdist/ifirst,ilast,istride/points/iffirst,iflast,ifstride/irratio,rrz/ maxpenetr

Where the 2 point sets have the same length and rays are constructed between pairs of elements, one from each point set.

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