ZQ (deprecrated)

Deprecated command, replaced by cmo/setatt and cmo/printatt .

Set or print node attribute values of a selected set of nodes.


zq / att_name / ifirst,ilast,istride/ value

zq / att_name / ifirst,ilast,istride/ 

att_name is the name of the attribute to set or write

ifirst,ilast,istride is the range of nodes to set or write where 1,0,0 are all nodes.

value set attribute of selected nodes to this value.

If value is ommited, the command will print values instead of set values. To print, specify any one of a group and all will be printed. To set an attribute value, set value and all selected nodes will be set to this value.

For printing, attributes are grouped as follows:

  • Group1: isq,imt,itp (material type and point types)
  • Group2: x,y,z (coordinates)


zq/imt/1,100,2/ 1/ 

will set imt attribute to 1 for all odd numbered nodes between 1 and 100 to 1.


will print coordinates of all points