This command adds points to a mesh object. For some special cases, it will also produce element connectivity. The createpts command is a wrapper for the deprecated rz type commands.

createpts/xyz rtz rtp line Create points and distribute by coordinate type selection. No connectivity created.

createpts/brick Create points in a rectangular distribution and create finite element hexahedral or quad connectivity.

createpts/interp Creates points by linear interpolation between two point sets.

createpts/poisson_disk Use Poisson Disk sampling to create uniform or variable spaced points inside a polygon.

createpts/sphere Create points for a sphere.

createpts/random Add random points within region.

createpts/vector Create points in region of space spanned by input vectors.

createpts/voronoi Creates element attributes xvor, yvor, and zvor.

createpts/median Creates element attributes xmed, ymed, and zmed.

createpts/amr Create points using octree type refinement on hexahedral mesh.

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